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We offer a broad range of web site maintenance and support options - from simple text edits to enhancing your site with the latest in web technology. We even provide comprehensive training so that you can maintain your site.

When we build your website, it is tested to eliminate any errors, bugs or broken links. However, if we are reviewing your original site, we can test the site to see if any errors exist which are causing problems.

Your website's content isn't likely to be fixed indefinitely, and will ultimately need updating when necessary. We can take the pain out of ensuring the site's content remains timely and relevant.

Alternatively, a system can be put into place whereby the site can be updated conveniently by yourself.

Once your site is live, you can add to the functionality by purchasing extra features such as e-commerce, feedback forms, flash animation, extra pages and so on.

In some instances, such as where your website has a content management system, we can offer any relevant training to help you maintain your site. We can also train you in maintaining any database driven site, or ecommerce site.

We can also offer training in other aspects of IT. Please contact us for further details.

Don't ask "Can I afford a website?" ask instead, "Can I afford to be without?"